Bring Marine Awareness To City Streets With Grate Art

Bring Marine Awareness To City Streets With Grate Art

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

When the filth and garbage of the city streets flow off the urban landscape of municipalities around the world, these discards of society often find their way to the world’s oceans.

Swimming into kelp or seaweed in the oceans is one thing, but hitting plastic bottles and bags is quite another.

Doug Woodring of Ocean Recovery Alliance is doing his best to bring awareness and action to the stemming the flow of matter and urban runoff from city streets to the oceans through his innovative Grate Art project. “Our Grate Art program is meant for storm drain awareness. This program is replicable anywhere, so in case there are students who from non-ocean-centric cities or countries, they could also bring something like Grate Art to their hometowns.”

For more information on Grate Art, visit here.

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Steven Munatones