Bringing A Smile To The Face Of Open Water Swimming

Bringing A Smile To The Face Of Open Water Swimming

Andrew Smilley was obviously very pleased, but typically humble and easy-going when he learned that so many people had voted for his swim at the RCP Tiburon Mile as the Greatest Open Water Swim of 2009.

In his soft-spoken, mild-mannered way, Andrew said, “They really voted for me?!? Wow, cool. What time is swim training tomorrow?”

Like all serious athletes, it is clear that Andrew is focused on getting even better at his sport.

Andrew has been an athlete with the Special Olympics Cayman Islands for over ten years. Although his main sport is aquatics, he has also competed locally and internationally in Special Olympics and the CARIFTA Games (the Caribbean Free Trade Agreement Games as well as open water swims like the Flowers Sea Swim. He also takes part in football, track and basketball and was part of the Special Olympics Cayman Islands team that recently returned from an invitational basketball tournament in Bahamas with a silver medal. Andrew also scuba dives and is the athlete representative on the Special Olympics Cayman Islands board of directors.

The results of this poll on The Water Is Open demonstrate that persons all over the world were motivated by his achievement,” commented the Special Olympics Cayman Islands chairman Eric Crutchley. “Andrew’s dedication to training and his continuous striving to do his best despite the challenges is an inspiration to us all.”

We have always been very proud of him – now the world knows why,” said his coach Penny McDowall with pride.

Keep up the great work.

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Steven Munatones