Bruckner Chase Completes Big Swim In Samoa

Bruckner Chase Completes Big Swim In Samoa

Word has leaked out from Samoa that Bruckner Chase completed the first solo swim from Aunu’u Island to Utulei Beach Park this last Saturday.

The purpose of his eco-swim, billed as BIG SWIM and done in partnership with the National Marine Sanctuaries program, was to raise awareness of the impact humans all have on the oceans, and how mankind can commit to change.

Four and a half hours after starting in the warm tropical waters of the Pacific, Governor Togiola Tulafono greeted him onshore.

I can’t say enough to convey to you the pride and the gratitude of the American Samoan people for what you have done today to bring our interest back to our oceans, and to embrace these young people, and your endeavor. What better name to welcome you back to the harbor than the Sharks of Samoana.”

Bruckner responded in kind, “This week has been very humbling for me. Everything that you guys have given to me this week, with the ocean blessing me with today, what your island has given me…for the rest of my life…what I am gaining from all of you. I will be grateful for the rest of my life. I am grateful for all of you, this will be with me forever and people need to know all that you are.”

The Samoa News reported Bruckner’s impression of the swim itself. “[The swim} was choppy and it was very hard. The heat and the hot water were brutal. My calves were cramping up, but it was because of all of you that this was all possible. I cannot do any of this by myself, I need communities to do more, and I never have met a community like I have in American Samoa. I hope that you guys will invite me back again because I would like to stay a part of this community. I am very, very grateful.”

The Big Swim is definitely something to write home about.

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Steven Munatones