Bruckner Chase On Being Wave Safe

Bruckner Chase On Being Wave Safe

Bruckner Chase On Being Wave Safe

Courtesy of Bruckner Chase and NOAA National Ocean Service.

Over the last two years, Bruckner Chase and the administrators of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have been working on a unique ocean safety and awareness video series.

Chase explains, “The 11 films were released in July and are an innovative new approach for NOAA’s National Weather Service to focus on geographically specific hazards and safety solutions while also letting a host take the viewers through this journey to America’s most amazing coastlines.”

Nicole R. LeBoeuf of the Ocean Services and Coastal Zone Management,says,”While safety on the water is extremely important, it’s just as important to remember to be safe in the water. To that end, I’m pleased to share Ocean Today’s newest Every Full Moon video collection: Wave Safe.

These geographically targeted videos were produced to inform the ocean-interested public about natural hazards at the beach. The videos focus on being aware of dangerous ocean waves (high surfshorebreak waves, and sneaker waves), and urge a mindset of situational awareness at all times by encouraging water enthusiasts to pay attention to constantly changing conditions on the shore.”

Chase visits coasts all over America and shares insider tips and local knowledge on how everyone can insure their visits to any beach stays fun and safe (see his introduction below):

For more information and to see the 11-video NOAA Ocean Today Wave Safe Collection series, visit here, here, and here.

The Introduction to Wave Safe Series was created by Kurt Mann (Executive Producer), Jesse Achtenberg and Bob Schwartz, (Producer/Editor), Bruckner Chase (Content Expert, Writer & Host) and Contributors Allie Allen, Deborah Jones, Michael Pai, Turner Gillespie, Shawn BWS, Eric Hingberger, Tom Shortridge, and Surf, Game & Action.

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