Bruckner Chase To Open The BLUE Ocean Film Festival

Bruckner Chase To Open The BLUE Ocean Film Festival

Bruckner Chase To Open The BLUE Ocean Film Festival

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The Los Angeles Times reported that adventure swimmer Bruckner Chase will try again to swim 25 miles across Monterey Bay from Santa Cruz to Monterey in northern California – and serve as the opening act for its BLUE Ocean Film Festival scheduled from August 24th – 29th.

Last year, Bruckner‘s attempt was thwarted by – literally – an ocean of jellyfish, “I swam through schools of jellyfish so thick it was like swimming in the exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. They were right in my face too.”

On the opening day of the popular film festival, Bruckner is expected to walk up onshore at about 4 pm – after an estimated 12 hours of fighting his tattooed friends and hypothermia. He will later follow-up his swim with a presentation on August 27th called ‘Cold as Ice: Myths and Realities of Immersion Hypothermia’.

Bruckner’s stylish tattoo remind us of other swimmers who are similarly adorned with open water-themed tattoos.

Brazilian open water swimmer Glauco Rangel has a large swordfish and Chad Ho celebrates his Olympic 10K participation.

Jeri Sisco of Washington (right) has a colorful sea turtle tattoo on her ankle tattoo as a memorial of sorts for her husband.

Sebastian Fischer said, “I have a mermaid tattooed on my left arm. I have always loved swimming and being in the water. And I have also always loved women, so I decided to combine those two things for a tattoo on my arm.”

World 5K and 10K champion and Swimming World Magazine’s Open Water Swimmer of the Year Thomas Lurz explains his tattoo, “I have the date from my father’s birthday on my left arm. I got it after his death. The tattoo [on the other arm] we did 12 years ago on our swim team for the German team championships and it means ‘Together we can do it’ or ‘We are strong together’. For example, my brother has the same tattoo on the same place because he also was on the team at this time as a swimmer. Now he is my coach, so it still fits good together. We were a good young team then.”

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