Bucket Lists Of Ice Swimming

Bucket Lists Of Ice Swimming

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There are all kinds of Bucket Swims. The bucket swims can be personal or established, domestic or international, short or long. A bucket swim is an open water swim that individuals have dreamed about and wants to do before they pass away. They can be of any distance in any location depending on the individual’s goals and preferences.

Lewis Pugh in the Southern Ocean of Antarctica

Established bucket swims can include the channel swims and marathon swims of the Oceans Seven and the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming, stage swims, circumnavigation swims, prison island swims, high altitude swims, cross-border swims, transoceanic swims, and many more types including events, races, relays, eco-swims, swim holidays, open water swimming camps, swimcations, swim treks, swim safaris and charity swims.

Ram Barkai and Jaimie Monahan [shown below] came up with their bucket lists for ice swimming around the world.

I asked these two ice swimming globetrotters what they have wanted to do and what they would like ice swimming bucket swims would be,” said Steven Munatones. “This is what they came up with…as a start.

Bucket List of Ice Swims:
1. Complete an Ice Kilometer
2. Complete an Ice Mile
3. Complete a Zero Ice Mile
4. Complete a Polar Ice Mile
5. Complete an Extreme Ice Mile
6. Achieve the Ice Sevens
7. Compete in an Ice Kilometer at a national championships
8. Compete in an Ice Kilometer at the International Ice Swimming Association World Championships
9. Participate in the Ice Swimming World Championships
10. Complete a high altitude Ice Kilometer
11. Complete an Ice Swim where friends are cheering in at least 3 different languages
12. Complete an Ice Swim where the water temperature is below 5°C, but the air temperature is above 15°C and sunny
13. Complete an Ice Swim or dip where the water is close to 0°C, but it is steaming because the air is so much colder
14. Complete a naked Ice Swim/skinny dip
15. Complete an Ice Swim or dip under the arora borealis
16. Do a heads-up breaststroke swim so cold that your eyelashes freeze

Bucket List of Ice Swimming Locations:
1. Murmansk, Russia
2. Tyumen, Russia
3. Siberia, Russia
4. Swiss Alps, Switzerland
5. London lido, UK
6. Lesotho Mountains, Lesotho
7. Lake Bled, Slovenia
8. Arctic Svalbard, Norway
9. Antarctica
10. Wild Water Armagh, Ireland
11. Iceland
12. Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina
13. Lake Baikal, Russia
14. Ski Portillo, Chile
16. Harbin, China
17. Tromsø, Norway
18. Finland
19. Alaska
20. Flathead Lake, Montana, USA
21. Beagle Channel, Chile and Argentina
22. Greenland
23. Jinan Lake, China
24. Bondi Baths, Australia
25. Pyrénées
Mountain Lakes, France and Spain

Bucket List of Ice Swimming Events:
1. IISA World Ice Swimming Championships
2. World Winter Swimming Championships
3. Antarctica Ice Kilometer Swim
4. Tyumen Open Cup, Russia
5. Svalbard Ice Kilometer, Norway
6. Ice Swimming Aqua Sphere German OpenVeitsbronn, Germany
7. Ice Swimming Aqua Sphere German OpenBurghausen/a>, Germany
French Championships Ice Kilometer, French Alps
9. Amstel Ice Swim, Amsterdam, Netherlands
10. Bodegraven Ice Swim, Austria
11. Woerthersee-Swim Ice Austria
12. Lesotho Mountains ice swimming event
13. A cold water fancy dress / hat competition swim
14. Memphremagog Winter Swimming Festival, Vermont, USA
15. Morocco Ice Mile
16. Eastern Bay Invitational International Ice Mile, Ireland
17. Traversée hivernale de la Meuse, Belgium
18. Jelgavas Roni Cup, Latvia
19. Pirita Open, Estonia
20. St. Petersburg Big Neva Winter Swimming, Russia
21. Dublin Cold Water Gala, Ireland
22. UK Cold Water Swimming Championships
23. Skellefteå Dark & Cold, Sweden
24. Lac Leman or Lake Geneva Coupe de Noel, Switzerland
25. New Year’s Day Polar Plunge with the Coney Island Polar Bears, New York, USA
26. Qinghai International Winter Crossing of the Yellow River Extreme Challenge

Monahan and ice swimmer Ned Denison talk about the Ice Swimming Hall of Fame in September 2020 during a September 2020 WOWSA Live episode:

For more information on ice swimming, visit International Ice Swimming Association. For more information on winter swimming, visit International Winter Swimming Association.

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