Bumpy, Bouncy And Blowing 15 Knots

Bumpy, Bouncy And Blowing 15 Knots

Photos and information courtesy of Dr. Dave Ogden on board the SEQUEL riding out to the Farallon Islands.

The plan is to swim out and back,” so simply says Captain Vito Bialla.

But nothing out and back to the Farallon Islands is so simple.

Veteran Patti Bauernfeind [shown above and below] was the lead-off swimmer for the Night Train Swimmers’ double-crossing 60-mile (95.6 km) relay attempt in the 55°F (12.7°C) waters to the Farallon Islands underneath the Golden Gate Bridge this morning under a rainbow.

Swell picking up as we head towards Point Bonita,” says Dr. David Ogden.

The winds are blowing at 15 knots and it is bouncy, bouncy,” called in Kim Chambers [shown in upper photos] who is swimming in the second position and fighting over heavy ocean swells. Next up are Simon Dominguez, Ashley Horne, Emily Kreger and Dave Holscher as they will be swimming alongside the escort boat SEQUEL for another 30 hours or so.

The estimated time of completion is on Sunday, April 26th around 1 to 3 pm with a total swim time of 30 hours give or take,” expects Captain Vito Bialla. “The Spot Tracker to monitor location of the boat will be on www.nighttrainswimmers.org.”

Oceans Seven and Night Train Swimmer veteran Chambers describes her pre-swim thoughts here in her blog.

The outcome of the relay is posted here.

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