Caitlin Poulson, Tom Robinson Win Windermere Cross Lake Swim

Caitlin Poulson, Tom Robinson Win Windermere Cross Lake Swim

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Chillswim hosted more than 200 swimmers at the 1.2 km Windermere Cross Lake Swim from Wray Castle Boat House on the western shore of Windermere to Brockhole, the National Park Visitor Centre in England’s Lake District.

The event was previously organised by Troutbeck Swimming Club, but it was formally closed in 2012. This was the second year that Chillswim organized the historic cross lake swim, which has been going in some form for over 100 years.

The traditional event was a non-wetsuit race with many of the swimmers in heavy woollen suits common in the 1920s. In a nod to the contemporary swimming community, Chillswim welcomed both wetsuit and non wetsuit swimmers with the old Troutbeck Club trophies handed to traditional swimmers without wetsuits. “The original trophies are now on display in the Windermere Steam Boat Museum,” said Colin Hill of Chillswim.

All swimmers wore a high visibility Swim Secure® tow-float, supporting the Lake District National Park’s swimsafe campaign.

At just under a mile, the event was an achievable distance for most open water swimmers, so we were delighted with the range of swimmers – our youngest swimmer was 12 and our oldest was 80

The event is unique among short distance swims in two ways. Firstly being a linear swim, everyone takes the specially commissioned ferries to the start point, which adds to a great sense of occasion. The second is that, in the spirit of the historic nature of the race, we encouraged young swimmers over the age of 12 to participate as long as they have the support of their swim coach.”

The top teenagers out-swam their seniors with the fastest two overall times for male and female being recorded by swimmers under the age of 16. 15-year-old Tom Robinson of Ulverston Otters finished the race in 14 minutes and 9 seconds – beating his winning time from the previous year by more than a minute. Fastest female was 15-year-old Caitlin Poulson from Penrith Swimming Club in a time of 15 minutes 45 seconds.

There are some fantastic under 16 swimmers in the UK who deserve the chance to shine in open water given the opportunity,” commented Hill whose events can be seen at

Top Wetsuit Junior Results:
1. Caitlin Poulson 15:45.10
2. Amy Mcarragher 17:11.05
3. Molly Hale 18:15.40 13

1. Tom Robinson 14:09.60
2. Jack Duff 15:45.80
3. Matty Brown 17:59.35

Top Non-Wetsuit Senior Results:
1. Becky Royall 22:11.20
2. Christine Allum 23:05.10
3. Petra Blahova 23:51.25

1. Geoffrey Armstrong 20:00.35
2. Callum Seton 20:03.60
3. Gary Walker 20:37.85 23

Top Wetsuit Senior Results:
1. Nicola Nunns 16:46.20
2. Helen Richardson 18:08.95
3. Sharon Binfield-Hill 18:12.05

1. David Faulkner 15:44.80
2. Ethan Thornton 18:11.05
3. Rick Binfield-Hill 18:12.70

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