California Casual vs. Irish Intensity

Does geography and weather affect the nature of open water swimmers?

Judging from the different types of open water swimming camps being conducted in California and Cork, it appears so at least at first glance.

At the Jamie’s Swim Camp 2.0 north of Napa Valley, the ambiance is decidely laid-back. California cool and casual under the warmth of the sun ripening the grapes of America’s favorite wines. No pre-determined distances, no pressure, no agenda while everyone is motivated to do their own thing. Eat whatever, nap wherever, swim whenever.

Over in Cork, Ireland, the agenda is most definitely laid out. Schedules and workouts pre-decided while the camp will culminate in an intense finale of unknown proportions. Seriously mental preparations for the serious-minded. No pain, no gain. No guts, no glory.

Yet the commonalities and similarities are clearly evident. Get a group of open water swimmers together and they will talk shop and share stories all day and night They feed off of their peers who are equally drawn to the allure of the open water.

It is a magical, special time when these types of aquatic adventurers get together.

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Steven Munatones