California Circumnavigating Naples Island

California Circumnavigating Naples Island

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Race Director Merritt Johnson Morris explained, “I didn’t get to see the finish between 17-year-old Nick Vargas and [veteran] Alex Kostich, but I heard people asking about who this 17-year-old was.”

Without a doubt, more people will hear about Vargas over the next Olympic quadrennial. Nick Vargas has been poking around the top American open water swimmers with a 6th place finish at the 2012 USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships and is part of the very strong up-and-coming group of emerging open water stars with goals including representing the USA at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

There were 234 total competitors; about the same as last year. I was very happy to see the water weather and water. It worked out well with the Beach Water Polo Cup happening at the same time. We just had one safety concern and made an adjustment with the 200-meter swim due to a lot of activity in the water.”

Top Ten finishers in the 3-mile event:

1. Nick Vargas – 51:15.18
2. Alex Kostich – 51:32.2
3. Jackson Kimbell – 56:34.1
4. Kellyn Carlson – 0:56:36.1
5. Lyle Nalli – 56:39.7
6. Cynthia Lewis – 57:46.7
7. Sean Lundin – 58:07.3
8. Sean Tucker – 58:13.0
9. Parks Wesson – 58:16.3
10. Lexie Kelly – 58:18.7

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