Cameron Bellamy Honored By The Marathon Swimmers Federation

Cameron Bellamy Honored By The Marathon Swimmers Federation

Courtesy of Marathon Swimmers Federation.

Cameron Bellamy founded the Ubunye Challenge, an initiative to raise funds for sustainable development in the poorest areas of Africa through sports challenges.

And what a challenge he accomplished in November 2018.

On his second attempt, he completed a 90 km circumnavigation swim around the island of Barbados. His unprecedented 40 hour 46 minute swim in the warm, rough waters around Barbados was voted as the 2018 Solo Swim of the Year by the Marathon Swimmers Federation.

Additional MSF awards will be announced this week.

Bellamy is an accomplished swimmer and Silicon Valley entrepreneur and owner of Cobaltix Compliance who has a unique perspective for the Ubunye Challenge. “I grew up in a privileged suburb of Cape Town and it was quite evident to me, from an early age, that most kids in South Africa didn’t have the same opportunities as me, especially in terms of education. This had a profound effect on me and was one of the reasons I created the Ubunye Challenge in 2012.

The Eastern Cape is South Africa’s poorest province and the rural areas have very little, if any, access to education, especially for early childhood development. Having studied and spent a significant amount of time in the Eastern Cape, I feel driven to support the need for education in the area.

A lover of doing adventurous and outrageous things, I feel privileged and lucky to be able to leverage them to support the Ubunye Challenge. With the help of Kevin and the other board members I’m sure Ubunye will go from strength to strength

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