Cameron Bellamy Is 34 km In

Cameron Bellamy Is 34 km In

Cameron Bellamy Is 34 km In

Courtesy of Ubunye Challenge, Barbados, Caribbean Sea.

In the graphic above, Cameron Bellamy started on Barbados and is now 34 km towards his ultimate goal of 150.4 km to the St. Lucia after a grueling 14 hours 33 minutes.

With over 116 km to go, Bellamy’s location is shown above – along the white line – with Barbados in the lower right and his goal of St. Lucia in the upper left.

To avoid being stung by box jellyfish, Bellamy will wear his FINIS-made custom stinger suit from before sunset to after sunrise. His crew reports, “Cam is going super strong in very hot but unusually flat conditions. The day went well, sea was like a pond most of the time with gentle swells. Cam is still going strong, the heat of the day was telling on him, but with dusk came needed cool and a beautiful moon. Crew is working hard, feeds every half hour, observer on duty all the time, crew meals, captains keeping us on the best route.”

Bellamy’s charity swim supports local educational projects in Barbados and St Lucia as well as The Ubunye Challenge and its main project in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. In Barbados, his efforts will support the A.C. Graham Development Centre and United through Sport in St Lucia.

To donate to the Ubunye Challenge, visit here.

To follow Cameron Bellamy’s progress here.

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