Can You Do 105?

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Susan Simmons is one of the World’s 50 Most Adventurous Open Water Women – and for good reason with her multiple sclerosis.

She is less than 3 months away from her longest and toughest swim yet – 105 km three-way attempt across Cowichan Lake in Vancouver Island, Canada. “Training has been extremely challenging,” she says. “I have been using the swim as a way to get others in our community active.”

On July 31st Alex Cape and Simmons will both attempt a 105 km unassisted lake swim. This will most likely be the longest lake swim on record, exceeding 9. Vicki Keith‘s 64-mile (103 km) two-way crossing of Lake Ontario in 1987 that took her 56 hours 10 minutes.

The pair expects to swim 50 hours or so.

Throughout their swim, members of Crossfit Zone Victoria will support the two from the shore. The Zone’s owner Deanna Whiteley is encouraging gym members to join her on the beach to cheer the duo by participating in 105 challenges which may include 105 squats, box jumps, lunges, burpees and push-ups.

Simmons, Cape and Whitley recently flash-mobbed the City of Victoria with 5 different 105s encouraging people to set their personal fitness goal as a way to support the 2 women with their swim. “I’m excited about helping Susan achieve her 105 goal and hope to raise awareness in the community so others set their own goals too,” said Whitley.

All three women are passionate about fitness and believe everyone can be more successful if they set fitness goals. Through a series of conversations, the women came up with the What’s your 105? campaign. Simmons, who has multiple sclerosis, says, “I believe everyone has a 105, they simply have to train for it.”

For more information on the swim, visit here. Supporters and fans can add their own personal 105 challenge to “Your challenge will be read out to us as we pause to feed during the swim.”

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Steven Munatones