Can You Swim Yourself Happy?

Can You Swim Yourself Happy?

“Swim Out,” is a thoughtfully curated podcast hosted by Mikey and Vicky.

Their recent episode is an exploration of how swimming can foster personal happiness.

A special guest, Amy Ennion from AmySwims, discusses body image.

There’s a segment featuring Jamie from Blue Mind Men who talks about the profound sense of cleansing and resetting he gets from swimming

You get to know Gill Castle from Stoma Chameleon, a brave woman preparing to swim the English Channel. She openly shares about her stoma bag – a result of childbirth – and her celebration of her body’s remarkable capabilities, regardless of societal norms.

Also a swimsuit maker Usual Objections discusses the sustainable future of swimwear and the possibility that one day we can swap out an old swimsuit for a new one from a box.

And on a more sobering note, Angela Jones from Swim Wild Wye shares her concerns about river pollution and her efforts to bring attention to this pressing issue by swimming down with a coffin on the River Wye.

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By SwimOut Podcast

We believe swimming is more than just a past-time, it’s about ecology, creativity, conquering personal demons and redefining the limits of endurance. We’re Hunter and Vicki, two London based outdoor swimmers who met while training to swim the English Channel in 2019. Our podcast is about the heroes, the eccentrics, the spaces, the untold stories and adventures of wild swimming.