Can't Say Enough About The Channel Swimming

Can’t Say Enough About The Channel Swimming

Lynn Kubasek, a member of the Half Century Club, passionately describes how she began her relationships with those involved with her backyard waterway:

I will never forget reading an email by Jim McConica about his 2004 Catalina Channel swim. I thought, ‘Clearly, he is a crazy person.’ I got to meet him later the same year when I kayaked for a Santa Rosa relay.”

I talked to him about Catalina Channel. He told me it was 90% mental and that I could probably do it. Over time, between Jim and the encouragement of other swimming friends, I began to believe that I could swim that channel. Once I made the decision to do the swim, members of Catalina Channel Swimming Federation contacted me regarding my training schedule, thoughts, dealing with fears and helpful tips.”

At that point, I was also a kayaker and observer for a number of Catalina Channel swims, learning and helping others achieve their dreams. Coincidentally, I ended up swimming the channel October 7, 2009, five years after Jim did his third swim.”

The volunteers that make up the CCSF are brilliantly talented and generous. They provide a wealth of information and backed by years of experience. Paula Selby, Carol Sing, David Clark, Forrest Nelson, Linda Bamford, a slew of kayakers and observers, pilots John Pittman and Gregg Elliot and many others who work together to assist in safe, and hopefully successful, crossings for the aspirant channel swimmer. I cannot say enough about the people that make up CCSF. It is a truly uplifting organization to be involved with..”

Photo above shows Lynn Kubasek on left with Patsee Ober on right off coast of Southern California in Corona del Mar.

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