Cape Circumnavigation Challenge Field Announced

Cape Circumnavigation Challenge Field Announced

C3 or the Cape Circumnavigation Challenge is a new 15.1-mile (24.3 km) race around Cape May, New Jersey. Established by Jason Malick, the swim will be held on September 14th. It stirs up memories of the dormant Around the Island Swim in Atlantic City.‎

“The C3 will soon become a new Jersey Shore Tradition and perhaps the next hardest race in the world based on varying water temperatures (68-74ºF or 20-23ºC) and a mix of three bodies of water (Atlantic Ocean, Delaware Bay, and Cape May Canal),” predicts Malick.

Cape May is affectionately known as ‘America’s Oldest Seashore Resort’ and has a rich history dating back to the early 1600s. Cape May was not officially an island until World War II when the Army Corp of Engineers constructed the Cape May Canal to help protect the American waterways from German U Boats.

The 2013 participants:

1. Suzanna Aguilar-Dann, age 45 from Chesapeake Bay, Maryland
2. David Barra, age 48 from High Falls, New York
3. Lori Carena, age 59 from Brooklyn, New York
4. James Clifford, age 61 from Poolesville, Maryland
5. David Conners, age 45 from San Francisco, California
6. Sydne Didier, age 42 from Hague, New York
7. Mike Gemelli, age 43 from Rutherford, New York
8. Leonard Jansen, age 58 from Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
9. Jia Jung, age 32 from Brooklyn, New York
10. Kenn Lowy, age 56 from Brooklyn, New York
11. Sara Marley, age 45 from London, United Kingdom
12. Anthony McCarley, age 54 from Berwyn, Pennsylvania
13. Greg O’Connor, age 44 from Natick, Massachusetts
14. Kimberly Plewa, age 30 from Rahway, New Jersey
15. Franco Prezioso, age 47 from Bel Air, Maryland
16. Claudia Rose, age 49 from San Diego, California
17. Charlotte Samuels, age 15 from Ridgewood, New Jersey
18. Karen Schmidt, age 46 from Solano Beach, California
19. Katie Scott, age 22 from Cherry Hill, New Jersey
20. Grace van der Byl, age 35 from Solano Beach, California
21. Bridgette Hobart from Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey
22. Michael Miller from Honolulu, Hawaii
23. Meghan Wren from Money Island, New Jersey

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