Carbon-Neutral Relays And Carbon-Neutral Swims

Carbon-Neutral Relays And Carbon-Neutral Swims

The global open water swimming world is rapidly becoming more and more environmentally friendly as race directors and swimmers are collectively understanding the impact of their activities on the oceans, lakes and waterways of the world.

From solo swimmers in Lake Tahoe to the oceans of the world, those most passionate about protecting our Earth are leading the way and becoming more aggressive in leaving behind as little impact on the environment as possible.

Doug Woodring, one of the most active personalities in the sport who is creatively meshing together the open water swimming world with environmental initiatives, launched the concept of carbon-neutral relays at the 15 km Clean Half Marathon Swim in Hong Kong.

A carbon-neutral open water relay or swim has a net zero carbon footprint. Carbon-neutral relays or carbon-neutral swims rely entirely on human power for escorts as opposed to motorized boats. Escorts includes individuals who use outrigger canoes, kayaks and/or paddle boards only.

The trend will continue and it will be interesting to see how race directors and swimmers become increasingly even more green, swimming in complete tune with their environment.

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Steven Munatones