Carina Bruwer Gives Vertigo Showcase

Carina Bruwer Gives Vertigo Showcase

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Carina Bruwer is known for her talents while wearing a swimsuit and while playing the flute.

The South African marathon swimmer is a celebrated flute virtuoso, a SAMA-winning musician and producer, mother of two, and owner and founder of Five Seasons Entertainment.

The South African Five of Cape Town’s top instrumental virtuosos come together as “Vertigo”, in a high energy instrumental showcase that will be live streamed from Milestone Studios in Cape Town on January 15th.  

The concert is part of the Digital Mobility Concert Series which has been made possible by ConcertsSA and its associated funders, the Royal Norwegian Embassy, SAMRO, the SAMRO Foundation and the Levedo Foundation.

The show consists of mind-blowing renditions of instrumental Jazz/soul, pop, crossover and contemporary pieces. Highlights include Europa (Carlos Santana), Spain (Chick Corea), Special Star (Mango Groove), Kashmir (Led Zeppelin), Adagio (Albinoni mashup), and more showstoppers as well as soulful melodies.  The performance will be streamed by local livestreaming provider Panastream, as part of the Mother City Milestone series which is a digital concert series collaboration between Milestone Studios and Panastream.

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I am extremely excited about this show, not only because as musicians we are hungry to perform – just as our audience is hungry for great music – but also because this act represents a dream that I have been wanting to realise for a long time, but never had time for,”, says Bruwer. “Collaborating with this particular set of homegrown instrumental talent is simply exhilarating.  Each of these multi-award winning artists offers a unique musical artistry that defies definition but perfectly complement that of one another – both offering an impressive mix of extreme technical skill, raw musical passion and creativity.”

For more information on the January 15th online concert, visit here.

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