Carol Jewell Was A Gem

Carol Jewell Was A Gem

Carol Jewell, a kindergarten teacher who doubled as competitive and collegial open water swimmer from Newport Beach, California, passed away this Monday after a long battle with cancer.

She absolutely sparkled as a teacher, mother, wife and swimmer. Her joy of life was shared with everyone. The principal of her school remarked to the Daily Pilot, “It’s so sad. “Everybody absolutely loved her. She was so strong … so strong. She worked every day up until a few weeks ago. Even some of the children’s parents had her — that’s how long she worked here.”

A winner of numerous Waikiki Roughwater Swim and SharkFest Swim Series in her age group, she was a winner in the water as well as onshore.

Friend Ellen Shockro who knew Carol since 1980 remarked on this incredible woman, “She was an outstanding swimmer and person. She was famous as an elementary teacher here in Newport Beach. She had a positive attitude, was a skilled pianist, singer, artist, and truly a positive light in so many people’s lives.”

“When she did ocean events, no one could beat her in her age group. When she swam in Nationals, she won the middle distance freestyle and butterfly events.”

Lynn Kubasek, another stalwart in the Orange County open water swimming scene, summed her what many people are thinking, “I feel like we have lost quite a legend. She was such an amazing, positive, joyful swimmer..”

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