Catalina Channel Swimming Federation Observer Training

Catalina Channel Swimming Federation Observer Training

The Catalina Channel Swimming Federation announced its two observer training sessions for 2012.

The first one is held in Los Angeles on May 5th at the residence of International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honour Swimmer John York in Manhattan Beach, California.

The second session is held in San Diego on May 19th at the residence of Becky Jackman-Beeler in La Mesa, California.

Besides breakfast and lunch, participants will receive a Catalina Channel Swimming Federation (CCSF) Observer Tool Kit, 2012 CCSF membership and CPR certification. USA Swimming or U.S. Masters Swimming membership is required.

At the session, safety procedures, CCSF rules and CCSF volunteer support services will be discussed. The new volunteer support service, developed by Neil and Grace van der Byl, features a database that consolidates information about observers, paddlers and other logistics support crew. The service is a convenient resource for channel swimmers who are in need of additional crew to support their swims.

If interested, please email Becky Jackman-Beeler at

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