Catching The Essence Of Marathon Swimming

Catching The Essence Of Marathon Swimming

Scott Zornig of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association was ecstatic about the premiere of the film Driven over the weekend.

He writes, “The film was a sell out and the theater had to turn away people at the door. The movie has everything…drama, action, laughter, disappointment and conquest. I thought it was one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. I believe those who attended the premiere agreed as the film ended with a standing ovation for the producers and the three stars: Evan Morrison, Cherie Edborg and Fiona Goh.

I think every marathon, open water and pool swimmer needs to see this movie. I also think the general public will want to see the film as evident by the reaction of everyone on Saturday night. I am willing to bet this film gets some legs and goes beyond the film festivals. The producers did such an amazing job of catching the essence of marathon swimming

Zornig goes on, “If you missed the movie or were turned away at the door, there is a second opportunity to see Driven. It is on November 2nd at 5:30 pm at the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association banquet. The cost is only US$25 and you receive a dinner included with the movie. If you have children who swim, please feel free to bring them as they will be inspired.”

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Steven Munatones