Catharine Arnston Describes Efficient Nutrition On WOWSA Live

Catharine Arnston Describes Efficient Nutrition On WOWSA Live

Catharine Arnston Describes Efficient Nutrition On WOWSA Live

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Catharine Arnston is on a mission.

She initially set off on her current journey when she wanted to help her sister overcome breast cancer. Then, she leveraged her talents and creativity to help share the wonders of organically grown, toxin-free, non-GMO algae tablets with consumers.

Algae has the highest concentration of protein, chlorophyll, beta carotene, antioxidants and vitamins compared to other foods – bar none. While its adoption in Asia is widespread, most Western consumers are unaware that one gram of algae has the nutritional equivalent of 1,000 grams of fruits and vegetables.

On today’s WOWSA Live, Arnston explains in her typical energetic, passionate fashion how algae tables can satisfy hunger, provide additional energy, improve focus, remove toxins, support health, improve skin and hair, and ensure nutritional needs are met. Her three signature products, ENERGYbits®, RECOVERYbits®, and BEAUTYbits® have one ingredient, contain no chemicals, caffeine, or sugar, and is the most sustainable, safe, eco-friendly, crop in the world. ENERGYbits® was nominated as a World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year in 2018.

As Arnston explains, “ENERGYbits® and RECOVERYbits® both help consumers understand the health, athletic and environmental benefits of algae, the world’s most nutrient dense, high protein, plant-based, sustainable food and has been endorsed by the United Nations and World Bank as the answer to world hunger. ENERGYbits® has brought algae into the Western mainstream where it is desperately needed because the world is toxic, the oceans are polluted, the soil is nutrient deprived, athletes are fuelled with unhealthy sugar, and rates of chronic diseases are skyrocketing. Algae removes toxins, prevents or reverses most chronic disease, is a sustainable crop, and is not only the most nutritionally dense food in the world, but also the most scientifically studied food in the world (noted in over 100,000 studies).”

I have been taking both ENERGYbits® and RECOVERYbits® for several years now – as have my parents, children and wife,” said Steven Munatones. “I eat a handful of ENERGYbits® with macadamia nuts or just down them with water in the mornings – and the RECOVERYbits® have become an evening ritual now.”

Arnston provided a number of articles on algae and provided a 20% discount code (WOWSA) for WOWSA Live listeners.

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Links to Company and Product Information
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For more information, visit or @bitsforlife.

Don’t forget the 20% discount code (WOWSA) that Arnston is offering for WOWSA Live listeners.

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