Cecilia Biagoli Celebrates Anniversary With Victory

Cecilia Biagoli Celebrates Anniversary With Victory

One year after her marriage, Cecilia Biagioli gave her husband and herself a nice anniversary gift: the Pan American Games gold medal in the 10K in the warm 29.5°C (85°F) waters of Mexico.

The 26-year-old four-time Olympian (3 times in pool, 1 in the open water) from Argentina separated herself from the elite field at the start of the fourth loop (of six) and never let anyone close.

It is a dream for me,” as she finished in 2:04:11.5, comfortably ahead of Brazil’s Poliana Okimoto (2:05:51.3) and America’s Christine Jennings (2:05:52.2) and Eva Fabian (2:05:54.8). Poliana, Christine and Eva went back and forth among each other in the wake of the emerging Argentine open water star.

With the water temperature potentially close to the maximum allowable temperature of 31°C in Puerto Vallarta, the Mexican Navy was monitoring the water every 30 minutes throughout the race and relayed that information to the race officials throughout the race.

I am going to enjoy this, I cannot believe this,” said Cecilia after the race. After more than a decade and three Olympics of chasing her foreign rivals up and down in the pool, Cecilia finally looks to have found her niche in the open water, leading the pack.

Olympic dreams can come true.

GOLD: Cecilia Biagioli (ARG) – 2:04:11.5
SILVER: Poliana Okimoto (BRA) – 2:05:51.3
BRONZE: Christine Jennings (USA) – 2:05:52.2
4. Eva Fabian (USA) – 2:05:54.8
5. Ana Marcella Cunha (BRA) – 2:05:55.2
6. Nataly Caldas (ECU) – 2:05:57.0
7. Zsofia Balas (CAN) – 2:06:22.2
8. Lizeth Rueda (MEX) – 2:06:26.8
9. Yanel Pinto (VEN) – 2:06:57.2
10. Pilar Geijo (ARG) – 2:07:00.2
11. Alejandra Gonzalez (MEX) – 2:11:38.0
12. Cindy Toscano (GUA) – 2:21:20.8
13. Zuleimarie Hornedo (PUR) – 2:22:27.2
14. Maria Muñoz (GUA) – 2:27:31.4
Yadira Guerra (ESA) – DNF
Betsmara Cruz (PUR) – DNF

Photo above by Eduardo Verdugo / AP.

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