Celebrating Ceinwen

Celebrating Ceinwen

Melissa Cunningham announced Ceinwen Roberts, along with Andrew Page, Derwent River Big Swim, and Narelle Simpson, as the most recently announced Honorees in the Class of 2021 of the Australian Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame:

Roberts first made a global name for herself with a 59.2 km three-way crossing of the Rottnest Channel together with Rohan Hollick in 2013. That year, the 32-year-old Perth swimmer started out the year training in the Southern Hemisphere and finished six months later celebrating the achievement of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming in the Northern Hemisphere. Along the way, she swam all kinds of swims from Western Australia to New York City.

The 59.2 km 18 hour 48 minute three-way Rottnest Channel crossing was a charity swim on behalf of Walk Free movement. After the unprecedented Rottnest crossing, she won the women’s race of a 45.9 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in June and then did a fast 8 hour 4 minute crossing of the Catalina Channel. Combined with her 2011 English Channel swim of 12 hours 55 minutes on behalf of the Breast Cancer Care WA, Roberts became the 81st person in history to achieve the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.

Over the course of her career – to date – Roberts has completed 19 solo Rottnest Channel swims and finished in the Top 3 females in Rottnest Channel Swim for three years. She also completed the first circumnavigation swim of Rottnest Island in 8 hours 5 minutes on behalf of the Kirkbride Melanoma Foundation and was inducted into the Rottnest Channel Swim Hall of Fame.

Ceinwen served as a Commonwealth games Baton Bearer in 2018 and founded and organizes the Euroz Cold Water Classic for Leukaemia Foundation which in seven years has raised over A$100,000 for the Leukaemia Foundation. She is also the co-founder and president of the Port to Pub Swim from Fremantle to Rottnest Island that includes a 25 km marathon which has attracted swimmers from around the world that started in 2016 and incorporates solo swimmers, duo swimmers, and teams of 4 and 6. This event is now considered as one of the three events in the Australian Triple Crown.

She is founded The Fire Swim, a charity open water swim that raises money for the Victorian Bushfires of 2020.

When she is not organizing or raising her young children, Roberts is the Head Swim coach of Positive Swim Squad, coaching over 800 solo, duo and team Rottnest Channel swimmers, English Channel, and Catalina Channel swimmers as well as adult swimming for fitness over the past 24 years.

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