Celebrating Special Olympics Athletes In Los Angeles

Celebrating Special Olympics Athletes In Los Angeles

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The City of Los Angeles has literally lit up and dressed up in its welcome of 6,500 athletes and thousands of coaches and administrators to the quadrennial Special Olympics World Summer Games. Its Opening Ceremonies are today with competitions including a 1.5 km open water swim.

Los Angeles has been decked out with an impressively wide variety of advertising, displays and promotions.

There is airport signage at the Los Angeles International Airport for months, digital signage at L.A. LIVE, Westfield Malls and The Citadel Outlets, movie trailers shown in 5,000 AMC Theaters, outdoor advertising on billboards lining the massive freeway system throughout Southern California and in bus shelters, product placements of myriad types, outdoor landmark lighting at LAX, on the Santa Monica Pier, and at the largest building in downtown Los Angeles, a massive radio and television public-service campaign, tourism promotion advertisements by the Los Angeles Convention & Tourism Authority, and flags and banners placed in myriad events.

The outdoor and radio campaigns alone has generated more than 328 million impressions through January 2015 with a value of more than US$4 million.

Under the organization of Anne McLindon and Anneka Sakovich, the athletes who will participate in the 1.5 km open water swim in Long Beach’s Alamitos Bay on July 26th include:

Karla Aguero (Venezuela)
Stephanie Barrera (Puerto Rico)
Kanza Bodden (Cayman Islands)
Angelica Carbo (Puerto Rico)
Arianny Carreño (Venezuela)
Abigail Cespedes (Costa Rica)
Olga Chuprakova (Russia)
Reina Curiel (Dominican Republic)
Beatriz Dominguez (Mexico)
Kadian Ingleton (Jamaica)
Karina Kuester (Germany)
Elisabeth Mansoor (Netherlands)
Lois Moody (Cayman Islands)
Ruth Niehaus (Germany)
Natalia Rabellino (Uruguay)
Adriana Sotela (Costa Rica)
Keytlin Soto (Costa Rica)
Angelica Vaquero (El Salvador)
Shanaia Xuereb (Malta)
Flor Zelaya (El Salvador)
Ela Zohar (Israel)
Ricardo Aponte (Puerto Rico)
Matthais Attard (Malta)
Andrew Bartholomew (Jamaica)
Jonathan Borg (Malta)
Giacomo Brunello (Italy)
Keith Butler (Ireland)
Ruben Caches (Uruguay)
Douglas Campos (Costa Rica)
Alessio Carpenedo (Italy)
Yu Chia Chen (Macau)
Dylan Cocklan (Gibraltar)
Ferderico Correzzola (Italy)
Keiran Corry (Australia)
Noah Dellas (U.S.A.)
Wessel Everloo (Netherlands)
Luke Ferris (U.S.A.)
Konstantinos Flytzanis (Greece)
Oliver Genrke (Germany)
Efrain Gomez (Puerto Rico)
Eduardo Guerra (Guatemala)
Gabriel Guerrero (Dominican Republic)
Wilbert Guzman (Puerto Rico)
Raul Hernandez (Puerto Rico)
Lars Jacobsen (Netherlands)
Andres Jimenez (Costa Rica)
Jamie Kelly (Great Britain)
Michaelis Kokkoris (Greece)
Hae Woon Lee (Korea)
Raoul Lockhart (Bahamas)
Maximiliano Marenco (Uruguay)
Moises Martinez (El Salvador)
Javier Mejia (Honduras)
Carlos Miro (Puerto Rico)
Andres Miyares (U.S.A.)
Samuel Muir-James (New Zealand)
Brendan O’Connell (Ireland)
Charles Offia (Cote d’Ivoire)
Douglas Oliveira (Brazil)
Mattetyahu Oren (Israel)
Mateyo Penn (Bahamas)
Edgar Perez (El Salvador)
Eduardo Prada (Venezuela)
Yi Jeong Rim (Korea)
Esteban Rodriguez (Puerto Rico)
Andry Salazar (Venezuela)
Teresita Santander (Mexico)
Samuel Santos (Gibraltar)
Rui Santos (Portugal)
Dennis Schwarz (Germany)
Andrea Seffusatti (Italy)
Christopher Serrano (Costa Rica)
Andrei Shabalin (Russia)
Stefan Singh (Trinidad & Tobago)
Andrew Smilley (Cayman Islands)
Juan Soda (Mexico)
Douglas Ssembajiwe (Uganda)
Esteban Steller (Costa Rica)
Alex Vaca (Ecuador)
Luis Vasquez (Costa Rica)
Omar Vera (Mexico)
Georgios Vouzounerakis (Greece)
James Wright (Great Britain)

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