Celebrating The Seal, Stève Stievenart

Celebrating The Seal, Stève Stievenart

Stève Stievenart, a 44-year-old open water swimmer from Wimereux, France is nicknamed the Seal as he reportedly eats up to a kilogram of fish per day.

He has certainly lived up to his nickname with this ice swimming, marathon swimming, and channel swimming feats of late.

After kick starting his distance swimming with an English Channel crossing in 20 hours 55 minutes in 2018, he completed a 20 Bridges Manhattan Swim around Manhattan Island in New York City in 7 hours 55 minutes in 2019 and a 67 km two-way crossing of the English Channel between England and France in 34 hours 45 minutes in 2020.

But then the Seal really started to increase his intensity and accomplishments, starting with a 120 km 8-person relay crossing in Lake Baikal in Siberia in 8-12°C water in July 2021.

The next month on August 13th, he completed the 91.8 km 40 Bridges Manhattan Swim, swimming twice around Manhattan Island in 21 hours 15 minutes. He was next called to swim 37 km across Loch Ness in Scotland in 14 hours 50 minutes. The next months on September 15th, he swam across the 35 km North Channel from Northern Ireland to Scotland with Infinity Channel Swimming in 14 hours 44 minutes – and then to top things off in 2021, he crossed the 33.5 km English Channel in 16 hours 47 minutes in 12-14°C water on November 11th, the latest crossing of the channel in history.

Stievenart bested Howard James‘ record of November 3rd 2016 who had previously bested the October 28th 1979 crossing of Michael Read, President of the Channel Swimming Association.

Kevin Murphy of The King’s Swimmers with Stève Stievenart on his November 11th English Channel crossing

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