Celebration Of Success In Gloucester Harbor

Celebration Of Success In Gloucester Harbor

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

In 1979, four Cape Ann residents swam across Gloucester Harbor in protest of its polluted status. This evolved into an annual Audubon Society-sponsored event to help raise funds for cleaning the harbor (Swim for a Clean Harbor).

By 1993, the harbor was deemed clean by the Audubon Society, leading to honor their efforts and begin the Celebrate the Clean Harbor Swim.

The annual 1.2-mile open water event is now sponsored by New England Open Water Swimming Association (NEOWSA), formerly New England Marathon Swimming Association.

Guy Davis said, “It is a fun swim in a nice venue with a good crowd and unique prizes.”

Top 10 Bioprene Results:
1. Graham Lott 29:28 (22)
2. Richard Starace 31:38 (54)
3. Kaitlin Patt 32:25 (13) First Woman
4. Ginger Howell 32:53 (31) Second Woman
5. Sally Szydziak 34:28 (15) Third Woman

Top 10 Neoprene Results:
1. Ethan Saulnier 24:24 (47)
2. Guy Davis 24:49 (58)
3. Hannah Perkins 25:38 (13)
4. Kirk Larsen 26:00 (40)
5. Nicholas Thompson 27:03 (26)

Co-event director Dave Swensen shown above with his long board.

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