Officially Celebrate Your Achievements

Certificates & Badges

WOWSA’s mission is to educate, entertain and enthuse those who venture beyond the shore.  Part of that mission is to recognize, celebrate and promote open water swimmers around the world who pioneer new swims, set new records, win races, or complete iconic crossings.  We tracking the events, swimmers and accomplishments that make up the global open water community on our blog with nearly 20,000 articles to date.

To help offset the cost of our ongoing efforts and help grow the sport we love, it is our honor to recognize and certify your swim in historical purposes and create an official digital certificate to print and frame along with a social media badge to share on Instagram and Facebook.

Tell us about your swim!

Want a digital certificate of your proudest swim achievement to frame or share on social media? Want to honor a friend? For a small fee, we will authenticate your swim in our records and present you with a custom certificate.