C’est Officiel, Nage de Fer

C’est Officiel, Nage de Fer

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Nejib Belhedi announced his return to the KerkennahSfax Channel that he first crossed in 1991.

His 18 km Iron Swim (Nage de Fer) is an environmental swim in 16°C waters scheduled for a 5-day window in January. Belhedi plans that the Nage de Fer will attract attention to Kerkennah and actions to save this Tunisian island from submerging under the sea. Belhedi will cross the channel pulling passengers in one of his escort boats, aided by the Oued Ellouza tide.

It’s possible to attract media attention that Kerkennah Islands is on its way to disappear as well as Oued Ellouza. It’s possible that open water swimming can play an important role to heighten the awareness of the local, national and international communities to protect Kerkennah before it will be so late and to preserve its marine wildlife. We can definitively preserve the ecosystem today for the future generations tomorrow. This is why I swim.”

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Steven Munatones