Channel Swimmer Calls Attention To Saving Kerkennah

Channel Swimmer Calls Attention To Saving Kerkennah

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Over the next few generations, the KerkennahSfax Channel swim will not be possible.

For various reasons, the Kerkennah Islands are expected to disappear by the year 2050. The population of the islands has significantly decreased since the 1980s. Additionally, with clean water rapidly running out, many islanders are departing for mainland Tunisia and the nearest town of Sfax.

The 20 km channel swim has tidal currents and was first accomplished by Nejib Belhedi in 1991. In order to attract attention to Kerkennah and take action to save this island from forever submerging under the sea, Belhedi will cross the channel again in January 2015.

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