Channel Swimming, 100% Perfection Personified

Channel Swimming, 100% Perfection Personified

Every sport has its rules, procedures, protocols, standards and traditions. Infractions, fouls, violations are officiated by referees, judges and umpires. Intentional or unintentional, real or imagined, major or minor, when rules or standards are breached or violated, officials step into the fray and make judgment calls.

In the open water swimming world, there are referees who oversee competitive races and observers who oversee solo swims and relays.

When swimmer after swimmer at the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation banquet was praising their observers for their expertise and voluntarism, we asked the following question: Has any swimmer or relay in the history of the Catalina Channel ever been disqualified due to a violation of a rule when crossing the channel?

The answer was no. That is, throughout the entire history of athletes swimming across the Catalina Channel, not one athlete has violated any rule at any time and been duly disqualified. Despite thousands of hours of night swims, shark encounters, marine life, rough seas, cold, fog, hunger, pain and frustration, not one athlete has broken any rules.

The entire community is to be saluted. This is a credit to the swimmers themselves, their coaches, the diligent observers, and the ethos of the open water swimming community.

100% perfection. Congratulations to all.

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Steven Munatones