Channel Swimming Association's 2011 Solo Swimmers

Channel Swimming Association’s 2011 Solo Swimmers

The Channel Swimming Association recognized 38 solo swim successes, one 2-way relay by the first-ever 4 person team and 32 one-way relays across the English Channel during the 2011 season.

The athletes came from 9 different countries and from all walks of life as took up a challenge that relatively few humans do. From a range of 9 hours 3 minutes for Australian Chloe McCardel to 18 hours 42 minutes for British Angus Macfadyen (shown above) across the world’s most famous waterway, they entered one of the most hallowed clubs in the world – the select few who has successfully crossed the English Channel.

Pascal Vernaeve (Holland) 13:25
Angus Macfadyen (Britain) 18:42
Geoff Wilson (Australia) 15:12
Chloe McCardel (Australia) 9:03
Lisa Delaurentis (Australia) 10:34
Paul Robinson (USA) 11:31
Amol Adhav (India) 10:56
Ceinwen Williams (Australia) 12:55
Ranie Pearce (USA) 18:40
Ludek Coufal (Czech Republic) 15:53
Cheyanne Boddicker (USA) 15:39
Charlie Forrest (Britain) 16:34
Stephen Sweetman (British) 14:35
Tom Leeming (British) 11:07
Jenny Birmelin (USA) 11:31
Iain McGregor (Australia 15:14
Alister Stocks (British) 15:34
Kim Owen (British) 14:09
Mark Templeton (South Africa) 14:10
Marilyn Korzekwa (Canada) 16:40
Daniel Bryson (British) 15:30
Pat Gallant-Charette (USA) 15:57
Qing Li (USA) 16:48
Paul Newsome (Britain) 12:14
Mark Seal (British) 12:48
Paul Downie (Australia) 12:39
Caroline Thorn (British) 13:30
Andrew Hunt (Australia) 13:54
Javier Guiterrez (Mexico) 9:40
Joe Hunter (British) 14:11
Lucy Roper (British) 14:30
Aurora Gore (USA) 14:12
Davinia Latchana-Rees (British) 17:11
Rebecca Lewis (British) 9:24
Harriet Tuck (British) 10:59
Victoria Hayles (British) 11:25
Angela Lurssen (South Africa) 17:01

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