Channeling Coordination Across Catalina

Channeling Coordination Across Catalina

Courtesy of Catalina Channel Swimming Federation, Catalina Channel, California.

Organizing a channel swim for one swimmer is time-consuming and complicated enough.

Organizing a channel swim for 21 swimmers is significantly even more so.

But bring 21 veteran open water swimmers together and they handle the logistics of getting everyone from the California mainland to Santa Catalina Island and then back to the mainland with military-style precision.

Triple Relay Extravaganza completed a tandem relay crossing in 10 hours 24 minutes across the Catalina Channel crossing.

The Triple Relay Extravaganza included three separate six-person relay teams with Barbara Held and Jodi DiLascio as observers:

* I Don’t Know What You Are Talking About: Will Newbern (Team Captain), Gary Workman, Andy Hewitt, Steve Coopersmith, Penny Nagel, and Robert Philipson

* How Do I Get On That Relay?: Sunny Lovell (Team Captain), Sean Durkin, Carol Hayden, Berke Cetinorneri, Sabrina Buselt, and Cat Moore

* What Relay?: Carol Sing (Team Captain), Tom Cook, Tom Hecker, Steve Green, Ivanka Gavanski, Grace van der Byl, and Lynn Kubasek

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