Channeling Plastics To Enhance Life

Channeling Plastics To Enhance Life

…Plastic has become one of the biggest waste pollution problems of our age. Even though all plastics can be recycled, there are serious environmental consequences for throwing them away. The ever-increasing volume of plastic trash is causing major problems on land and at sea.

As Douglas Woodring, founder of the Ocean Recovery Alliance, says: “Only 27% of plastic bottles are recycled, while 73% end up in the landfill or the ocean.”

Already, over 10% of fish tested in our oceans contain pollutants from plastic in their tissue. Woodring sees the growing plastic waste stream as a resource worth capturing and channelling into products that enhance life, rather than degrade it.

So starts Chapter 32 in a book entitled “Race for Sustainability: Energy, Economy, Environment and Ethics by Ken Hickson (Sustain Ability Showcase Asia, Singapore).

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Steven Munatones