Charity Charms By Planet Love Life

Charity Charms By Planet Love Life

Courtesy of Planet Love Life, An Ocean Near You.

The global issue of marine debris cannot be solved overnight or by one individual. Planet Love Life recognized that it will take the efforts of many people and organizations to change the tide on plastic pollution in our oceans and beaches.

In an effort to connect our causes and unify our message, Planet Love Life has launched a charity charm program. This program is aimed at featuring non-profit organizations who are committed to the fight against marine debris. Each organization is carefully selected and embodies the Planet Love Life lifestyle.

Swimmers can help support these organizations by purchasing a bracelet with their charm added. Planet Love Life donates US$5 from the sale of each charity charm bracelet to the selected non-profit organization.

Together with Rob and Brittany Website, we are really excited about this partnership between Ocean Positive and Planet Love life that is and signifies both Awareness and Action,” commented Ocean Advocate Bruckner Chase.

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