Charlotte Brynn's One Big Swimming Hole

Charlotte Brynn’s One Big Swimming Hole

Courtesy of Phil White, Lake Memphremagog, Vermont.

Some swimmers are inevitably linked to certain swims:

* Lynne Cox, Bering Strait
* Bill Welzien, Swim Around Key West
* Kevin Murphy, English Channel
* Alison Streeter, English Channel
* Lucky Meisenheimer, Lake Cane
* Mike Arbuthnot, Midmar Mile
* Philip Rush, Cook Strait
* Steven Hurwitz & Gary Emich, Alcatraz Island
* Kristian Rutford, Manhattan Island
* Frank Flowers, Flowers Sea Swim

Gradually and quietly, Charlotte Brynn is inevitably linked to Lake Memphremagog, a lake nestled between Vermont (USA) and Quebec (Canada).

After her most recent 25-mile, 13 hour 28 minute crossing of Lake Memphremagog [crewed by Cynthia Needham and Phil White], Brynn’s track record in the lake is long and varied [see below]. As Director of the Swimming Hole in Stowe, Vermont, she is never too far away from Lake Memphremagog unless she is attempting crossings of far-away channels and lakes – even in winter when she serves on the Organizing Committee of the Memphremagog Winter Swim Festival.

2017 Swims [to date]
* 25-mile Lake Memphremagog Crossing in 13 hours 28 minutes

2016 Swims
* 18-mile Skinner Island Double Crossing in 8 hours 35 minutes, 57 seconds
* 15-mile Georgeville 1-way in 6 hours 41 minutes
* 16.4-mile Ile Ronde Circumnavigation in 7 hours 59 minutes, 4 seconds
* 15.94-mile Border Buster in 7 hours 55 minutes

2015 Swims
* 15-mile Border Buster Kingdom Swim in 6 hours 59 minutes

2014 Swims
* 1.01-mile International Ice Swimming Association Ice Mile @ 4.96°C in 25 minutes 27 seconds

2013 Swims
* 10-mile World Open Water Championship Swim in 4 hours 33 minutes

2012 Swims
* 10-mile Greater Kingdom Lake Swim in 4 hours 32 minutes

2011 Swims
* 25.2-mile In Search of Memphre in 15 hours 30 minutes

Details on her career are listed here.

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