Charlotte Samuels On The Cape Circumnavigation Challenge

Charlotte Samuels On The Cape Circumnavigation Challenge

Charlotte Samuels tells the story of the Cape Circumnavigation Challenge around Cape May in New Jersey:

“…the waves we were swimming over were 5-6 foot waves and [my kayaker] almost flipped. When we stopped for a feed, Mike told us that the tide had turned and for the past couple minutes we had been swimming in place…”

Dave Barra explains, “I think this course has the potential to become an instant classic. The conditions vary so much…from fast flat water in the canal to turbulant and confused rips where the Delaware meets the Atlantic Ocean. The kayakers were getting clobbered in the rips, and there was a bit of juggling necessary between swimmers and escorts. Its exciting to see an event like this come together.”

For Samuels story of the race, visit here.

Franco Prezioso, who finished 44 seconds behind Samuels as they both came in around 8 hours 10 minutes, recalls, “I was the swimmer Charlotte passed at the end. The 15-year-old had a very impressive finish in worsening conditions. I had the inside track [on her], but knew it was inevitable that she would pass when she saw that finish and turned it on. I was no match for her youth and determination.”

Final results are posted here.

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