Chasing After Dreams In The Ocean

Ocean City Swim Club Unified Team from Bruckner Chase on Vimeo.Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Bruckner Chase‘s Ocean City Swim Club has a specific and general mission:

To create opportunities for others to connect to the water and to positively impact how we all feel, think and act towards our oceans.

He fulfills his mission without limitations. Specifically, if there are any individuals with any disability including physical or mental, Chase encourages them to join his team in the ocean. Can’t walk? Amputee? Car accident victim? No problem.

He starts people off in the safe confines of a pool and gradually enables them to gain strength, confidence, and balance to either swim or paddle in the ocean. The opportunity to leave their wheelchair, walker, or crutches on the shoreline and pool deck is enlightening and invigorating.

Come join our Unified Team as a financial supporter, volunteer or participant. Tuesday evening pool sessions run year around, and open water paddling sessions take place on Sundays throughout the summer with additional small group sessions during the week,” explains Chase. “The Unified Team is poised to grow again this summer as we enter our second full year. Despite the coldest winter in recent history, these guys endured up to 3 hours of travel to join us on Tuesday nights for an hour of swimming. I am reaching out to new rehabilitation hospitals in the region, and we have a couple of athletes who will be training to compete in the Upper Township Beach Patrol 5 mile paddleboard race in July.

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Steven Munatones