Cheers To The Irish Long Distance Swimming Association

Cheers To The Irish Long Distance Swimming Association

The 4K Copeland Island Swim, sanctioned by the Irish Long Distance Swimming Association, is July 3rd in Donaghdee. Situated on the east coast of Northern Ireland, the fishing port is 29K from Belfast with a population of 6,470 people with the oldest pub in Ireland, opened in 1611. Here’s to all the participants and open water events of the Irish Long Distance Swimming Association.

Men’s winner Rory McGerty said, “The event went very well with reasonable conditions and a sea temperature of about 10°C (50°C) with competitors dodging the odd jelly fish and sea life. Race organizer Gareth Archer refers to the swim as the ‘blue ribbon’ event of open water swimming in the north of Ireland due to the tidal currents, the temperature of the water and the varied wildlife that drift into the channel from the open sea.”

The Copeland Islands are three small islands in the north Irish Sea. More photos of Copeland Island are here.

Men’s Results:
1. Rory McGerty, 59:48
2. Geoff Wilson, 1:01:59
3. Neil Cooper, 1:07:24
4. Paul McCambridge, 1:17:22
5. Ian Hutchings, 1:17:53

Women’s Results:
1. Colleen Mallon, 52:07
2. Maureen McCoy, 1:17;18
3. Alison Cardwell, 1:21;54
4. Wendy Reid, 1:25:56
5. Ruth Butler, 1:30:08

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