Cheryl Reinke Extends Slight Lead Under 8 Bridges

Cheryl Reinke Extends Slight Lead Under 8 Bridges

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Unlike Stage 2 when most of the swimmers failed to finish due to turbulence due to winds and a strong flood current, all 17 swimmers completed the Stage 3 in The Hudson Valley from the Mid-Hudson Bridge to the Newburgh Beacon Bridge.

Rondi Davies reported, “It was another windy day with head winds of between 8-10 mph with gusts up to 15 mph. The chop was easier on the swimmers today, and swimmers that experienced the Stage 2 chop thought today felt easy, relatively speaking.”

Regarding the two women at the top of the leaderboard, age gained the upper hand. 51-year-old Cheryl Reinke swam the course in 4 hours 17 minutes, 6 minutes 35 seconds faster than her friendly 23-year-old rival Paige Christie. “Willie Miller also had a great day coming in second,” said Davies. “For most of the other swimmers, this was their first marathon swim of the 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim. They all did amazingly well in these challenging conditions.”

In order to complete the entire 120-mile (193 km) course, Devon Clifford [shown above] started 3-miles north of the Mid-Hudson Bridge in order to complete Stage 2. Essentially, she finished yesterday’s undone course.

She then started Stage 3 and completed it while swimming into a flood at the end.

51.3 miles of swimming in the books for the past three days…only 68.7 miles to go. Today was really hard.”

13.2 miles/21.2 km Stage 3 Results, Mid-Hudson Bridge to the Newburgh Beacon Bridge
1. Cheryl Reinke 4:17:55 (total time: 17:13:45; third of 7 stages)
2. Willie Miller 4:23:50
3. Paige Christie 4:24:30 (total time: 17:25:53; third of 7 stages)
4. Doug Thompson 4:47:04
5. Ali Hall 4:47:30
6. Steve Gruenwald 5:00:10
7. Leonard Jansen 5:06:25
8. Larisa Agudelo 5:11:22
9. Cristian Vergara 5:11:45
10. Teresa Moogan 5:19:50
11. Javier Olivares 5:21:00
12. Glenn LaPolt 5:32:35
13. Kim Hedges 5:38:35
14. Thomas W. Kofler 5:41:15
15. David Wallman 5:42:31
16. Devon Clifford 6:12:30
17. Janine Serell 6:17:25

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Upper photo shows Cheryl Reinke crosses the Stage 3 finish under the Newburgh Beacon Bridge.

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