Chilling Achievement Unlocked: The Ice Triple Crown

Chilling Achievement Unlocked: The Ice Triple Crown

The Ice Triple Crown is a title given to swimmers who have completed three specific ice swims. These swims include the Southern Ice Mile, the Northern Ice Mile, and the ICE KM. Each of these swims requires a different set of skills and poses unique challenges to the swimmers attempting them.

The Southern Ice Mile is a swim that takes place in icy waters in Africa, Oceania, Polar Antarctica, or South America. Swimmers must complete a one-mile swim in water that is no warmer than 5 degrees Celsius. The Northern Ice Mile is a similar swim that takes place in Asia, Europe, North America, or Polar North. Swimmers must also complete a one-mile swim in icy water that is no warmer than 5 degrees Celsius.

The ICE KM is a bit different from the previous two swims. This swim takes place in a pool, either at the IISA World Championship or a national championship, and the water must be no warmer than 5 degrees Celsius. Swimmers must complete a 1000-meter swim in the pool in these icy conditions.

Achieving the Ice Triple Crown is no easy feat. It requires dedication, training, and a willingness to endure extreme conditions. To date, only 13 swimmers have achieved this rare and challenging feat. However, many more are close, having completed two of the three required swims.

Mikkelsen Harbour, Antarctic Peninsula Photo Credit: IISA®

The thirteen swimmers from nine different countries who have achieved the Ice Triple Crown, include: Ram Barkai from South Africa, Kieron Palframan from South Africa, Ryan Stramrood from South Africa, Jaimie Monahan from the United States, Kate Steels from Great Britain, Ger Kennedy from Ireland, Shaun Hales from Great Britain, Fergil Hesterman from the Netherlands, Cath Pendleton from Great Britain, Paul Eugen Dorin Georgescu from Romania, Hassan Baraka from Morocco, Ailén Lascano Micaz from Argentina, and Marion Joffle from France.

See the full list here on the IISA website:

The International Ice Swimming Association (IISA) is an organization that was founded in 2009 with a vision to make swimming in icy waters a new sport. IISA introduced the term “Ice Swimming,” which refers to swimming in water with a temperature of 5.0 C/41.0 F or lower, unassisted, and wearing one standard swimming costume, one pair of goggles, and one standard swimming silicon cap. The organization now holds Ice Swims in 46 countries and has membership in 73 countries worldwide. – Ram Barkai IISA Founder