China Out Of The Olympic Marathon Swim

China Out Of The Olympic Marathon Swim

Keri-Anne Payne and the rest of the finalists in tomorrow’s Olympic marathon swim will not have to worry about Yanqiao Fang of China.

Fang, a hard-nosed swimmer known for her physicality who captured fourth in the 10K world championship in 2010, will reportedly be a non-starter.

The remaining 24 women’s finalists, loaded with plenty of medal contenders, now include:

1. Keri-Anne Payne (GBR)
2. Martina Grimaldi (ITA)
3. Marianna Lymperta (GRE)
4. Melissa Gorman (AUS)
5. Cecilia Biagioli (ARG)
6. Poliana Okimoto (BRA)
7. Jana Pechanova (CZE)
8. Angela Maurer (GER)
9. Swann Oberson (SUI)
10. Erika Villaecija (ESP)
11. Haley Anderson (USA)
12. Eva Risztov (HUN)
13. Zsofia Balazs (CAN)
14. Ophelie Aspord (FRA)
15. Natalia Charlos (POL)
16. Anna Guseva (RUS)
17. Karla Sitic (CRO)
18. Wing Yung Natasha Terri Tang (HKG)
19. Yumi Kida (JPN)
20. Olga Beresnyeva (UKR)
21. Yanel Pinto (VEN)
22. Heidi Gan (MAS)
23. Jessica Roux (RSA)
24. Lizeth Rueda Santos (MEX)

The finalists in the men’s race are posted here.

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