Chip Off The Ol' Block At The Pan American Games

Chip Off The Ol’ Block At The Pan American Games

Photo of David Heron (silver medal on left) and Chip Peterson (gold medal on right) by Al Bello/Getty Images.

Charles ‘Chip’ Peterson had a great start to his open water swimming career at the age of 18 when he won his first world 10 km championship in Montreal, Canada.

But a series of illnesses set him back over the intervening years. His career was hampered by months of training followed by months of being sidelined. But he’s back, smiling and comfortable in his renewed speed, strength and stamina.

With an international victory earlier in the season at the FINA/HOSA 10K Marathon Swimming World Cup race in Setubal, Portugal, he climaxed his summer comeback of 2015 with a powerful victory at the 2015 Pan American Games 10 km marathon swim over American teammate David Heron.

Results from today afternoon’s 10 km race in the Ontario Place West Channel:

1. Chip Peterson (USA) 1:54:03.6
2. David Heron (USA) 1:54:07.4
3. Esteban Enderica Salgado (ECU) 1:54:09.2
4. Richard Weinberger (CAN) 1:54:09.3
5. Luiz Lima Arapiraca 1:55:12.7
6. Wilder Carreno Mendoza (VEN) 1:56:05.2
7. Diego Vera Delgado (VEN) 1:56:26.3
8. Guillermo Bertola (ARG) 1:57:38.1
9. Eric Hedlin (CAN) 1:59:59.5
10. Daniel Delgadillo (MEX) 2:00:07.4
11. Arturo Perez Verti (MEX) 2:00:55.2
12. Gabriel Villagoiz (ARG) 2:01:40.6
13. Christian Marsden (TTO) 2:07:53.5
14. Cristopher Lanuza Segura (CRC) 2:11:42.5
15. Rodolfo Sanchez Perez (CRC) 2:13:47.5
16. Emilio Avila Sum (GUA) 2:19:14.7
17. Yilberth Duarte Garcia (GUA) 2:20:30.2
DNF Samuel Menegon De Bona (BRA)

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