Chip Peterson Looking Forward To A Bright Future

Chip Peterson Looking Forward To A Bright Future

A few days after the world championships concluded with many swimmers gone to attend the upcoming European Open Water Swimming Championships, Chip Peterson used his classic open water swimming form and strong kick to top American rivals Fran Crippen and Alex Meyer in the FINA 10K Marathon Swimming World Cup in Roberval, Canada today.

Chip, the 2005 world 10K champion whose sighting technique is one of the best in the business (see above racing against Fran), appears to be returning to his old groove – making the already deep American open water swimming team even more formidable. Now under the tutelage of Olympic coach Jon Urbanchek in Southern California, Chip’s return to form is timely with less than 12 months to the first Olympic 10K marathon swim qualifier.

Fran shown on left with Chip in the middle and Chad Ho on the right after the men competed and sprinted to the finish in a pack.

Photos above by Dr. Jim Miller, the FINA Sports Medicine Delegate.

Photos on left by Steeve Tremblay.

Results were as follows:

1. Chip Peterson (USA), 2:05:13.15
2. Fran Crippen (USA), 2:05:15.18
3. Chad Ho (RSA), 2:05:20.70
4. Alex Meyer (USA), 2:05:46.63
5. Sergiy Fesenko (AZE), 2:05:54.56
6. Allan Do Carmo (BRA), 2:05:58.84
7. Richard Weinberger (CAN), 02:06:09.16
8. David Browne (AUS), 2:06:09.86
9. Petar Stoychev (BUL), 2:06:15.76
10. Filipe Alcantara (BRA), 2:06:51.16
11. Sumuel De Bona (BRA), 2:07:21.53
12. Simon Tobin (CAN), 2:11:40.21
13. Evgenij Pop Acev (MKD), 2:11:40.48
14. Barton Wells (USA), 2:14:52.90

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