Chloë McCardel About To Become Queen of the Channel Among A Crowd

Chloë McCardel About To Become Queen of the Channel Among A Crowd

Finishes of channel crossings are usually a lonely affair. Channel swimmers usually walk or stumble on the shoreline, or crawl upon rocks, after hours – or days – of fighting currents, wind, cold water, marine life, eddies, tidal flows, waves and swells. If they are lucky, they get a photo from a friend on their escort boat – and if they are very lucky, sometimes, friends capture their moments walking out of the channel from their dryland destination.

But Chloë McCardel will be different tomorrow. The 36-year-old Aussie announced a party at the end of her 44th English Channel crossing tomorrow – and the media will document it. It could be, most likely, the most well-covered global media channel swim since the Daily Mail races and the Billy Butlin Cross Channel International Swims in the 1950’s.

The media representatives on McCardel’s media boat will capture her finish to become the Queen of the Channel, a title that Alison Streeter MBE has long held: Richard Pohle of The Times, Gareth Fuller and Michael Drummond of PA Media, Ben Stanstall and Stefano Fasano of AFP, Dan Charity of The Sun, Hugh Whitfield and Charles Harvey of CH7, Nick McAvaney of SNTV, and Amanda Akkas of BBC South East. There will undoubtedly be other media outlets that will cover her planned crossing tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

Photo above by Gareth Fuller.

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