Chloë McCardel En Route To #13

Chloë McCardel En Route To #13

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Chloë McCardel has finished her third two-way crossing of the English Channel, taking 22 hours 42 minutes en route to her planned triple crossing.

Her first crossing was 11 hours 34 minutes, her second crossing was an even faster 11 hours 8 minutes in the 17.5°C (63.5°F) water. She is now swimming back to France to become the first Australian and the fourth person* in history to complete a solo three-way English Channel crossing.

With her husband Paul McQueeney onboard her escort boat, her crossing brings her channel crossings up to 12 in total. “The last lap underway, number 13, will be the hardest and most arduous of her career. In 2012, she managed to get one third of the way into the third lap but was unable to continue due to hypothermia. She has covered over 80 km and is very tired, but her spirit is still strong and she is fighting with every stroke to reach France.”

Her progress on her final and 13th crossing (see above) can be followed via her GPS tracker here.

* Jon Erikson (USA) 38 hours 27 minutes in 1981, Philip Rush (New Zealand) 28 hours 21 minutes in 1988, and Alison Streeter (Great Britain) 34 hours 40 minutes in 1990.

The final result is here.

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