Chloë McCardel Set To Break English Channel Record Of Legendary Alison Streeter

Chloë McCardel Set To Break English Channel Record Of Legendary Alison Streeter

Back in 2016 (see here), WOWSA covered the then 31-year-old Chloë McCardel and wondered if she could ever break the legendary record of Alison Streeter MBE who completed 43 crossings of the English Channel.

Chloë will almost most definitely have the most prolific career, post-induction, of any swimmer in the Hall of Fame history,” predicted Steven Munatones. “It is quite possible that Chloë may take the Queen of the Channel® title before the age of 40. Even with a modest – for her – average number of 3 crossings per year during the rest of her 30’s, Chloë may complete the formerly unthinkable: break Alison’s career record in the English Channel.

Go back 5 years and I suspect that nobody would have thought a swimmer would ever have a real shot at Alison Streeter’s record of 43 crossings,” said Ned Denison, chairperson of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame. “Amazing both and Chloë is just getting started…

This month, McCardel completed her 42nd crossing on September 21st in 10 hours 57 minutes, a typically fast time. She predicted, “I expect my 44th and world record swim will be between October 8th – 13th.”

She knows what to expect at her planned press conference in Dover after she completes her 44th crossing. She received significant global exposure after 35th crossing which surpassed the number of crossings by any man. Every major outlet in the UK and Australia covered it with over 3,800 international news articles published. ITV, Daily Mirror, The Independent, BBC, Australia Channel 7 and Channel 9, SBS TV networks, and the Daily Telegraph (Sydney) are covering her progress with many more media outlets set to cover her 43rd and 44th crossings as they happen. She has two public relations companies in Australia and the UK. 

Her 44th crossing will generate so much attention that she has had to hire a separate press boat for interested journalists to be able to cover her in real time.

Stay tuned.

Similar to fellow Australian International Marathon Swimming Hall of Famer Des Renford who went 19-for-19 on his English Channel one-way attempts, McCardel has achieved a similar 100% success rate on her one-way crossings. But like Renford who was pulled on his multi-leg crossing attempts, McCardel has always pushed the envelope. McCardel has been pulled occasionally for safety reasons due to hypothermia on a few multi-crossing attempts during her career.

What Alison did between 1982 and 2004 – swimming over 900 miles in unpredictable conditions – was pioneering and mind-boggling, but Chloë’s streak is also quite remarkable because she has to travel from Australia to Dover every summer. Her tenacity is beyond words,” observed Munatones.

Both Streeter and McCardel are among the World’s 50 Most Adventurous Open Water Women – and are utterly, undeniably, undoubtedly remarkable in every aspect.

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