Chris Hemsworth: "He's An Animal"- Ross Edgley's Blueprint For Success

Chris Hemsworth: “He’s An Animal”- Ross Edgley’s Blueprint For Success

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In the new book, Blueprint: Build a Bulletproof Body for Extreme Adventure in 365 Days, superstar actor Chris Hemsworth AM describes author Ross Edgley with a statement that has quite favorable overtones: “He’s an animal.”

Normally, a human would not like to be referred to as animal. But saying Michael Phelps swims like a dolphin, or Usain Bolt runs like a cheetah or a great NFL player is as strong as a bull are clearly intended as compliments. In the competitive swimming world, the “animal lane” refers to the lane in the pool where the distance freestylers work out. Those distance freestylers are swimming the longest training sets on the most grueling intervals trying to maintain a killer pace for hours at a time.

Their workouts are the antithesis of easy,” says Steven Munatones. “Nothing is easy or short or comfortable in the animal lane. Pain, sacrifice, dedication, effort, commitment are all part of the equation of a typical distance freestyle specialist. But of course that does not mean that the journey and destination are not enjoyable. In fact, the long hours dedicated to their craft of swimming long distances fast often result is a deep, profound joy of a job well done. The rainbow at the end of the season is a self-satisfaction that goals were set and achieved.”

So when Hemsworth calls Edgley an animal, it is said with the highest level of respect and admiration. His description indicates that nothing is easy or short when Edgley sets out goals for himself – or pens advice for others. Edgley walks the walk, and his prose in Blueprint shows that he can talk the talk.

Ross Edgley is applying a pneumatic KAATSU bands on the upper arms of Chris Hemsworth that are repeatedly inflated and deflated based on established algorithms in order to optimize venous flow while maintaining arterial flow. This begins the catalyst to produce a cascade of hormones, plasmalogens and ceramides.

Ross knows what it takes to achieve success – because he has put in the hours, days, weeks, months and years of sacrifice and hard work,” observes Munatones. “Most of that work is not in the public eye. His workouts are done quietly and consistently in a gym or pool or outside. The cameras are not rolling when he is sweating or swimming until he can swim no more. And that comes through clearly in his new book, Blueprint.

Edgley has taken his own natural talents and refined them with seasonal plans that are components of a longer-term annual plan. He takes inspiration and information from the ancient Spartans and the more contemporary Soviet Union sports scientists and modern-day Olympic heroes Then he blends this all together in a consistent plan to achieve some mind-boggling creative extreme adventures like his Great British Swim that was voted as the 2018 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year, World’s Longest Rope Climb, and World’s Heaviest Triathlon.

Edgley had to train himself to achieve his extreme goals, using the collective knowledge of ancient wisdom and modern-day science to carve a niche for himself and set records. That knowledge and those plans are what make Blueprint such a fascinating book for people of all ages.

For every person who sets a world record, then are millions of others who set their own personal records. These individuals are what Blueprint is for: for people from all walks of life to make their own impossible possible.

Hemsworth, who is known for playing Thor in eight Marvel Cinematic Universe films, from Thor in 2011 to Avengers: Endgame in 2019, reminds us, He’s an animal.”

Absolutely, he is. Edgley teaches us step-by-step in a fluid, easy-to-understand manner how that flattering description can also fit us.
Blueprint is the third book of Edgley trilogy of self-help motivational books. The charismatic British swimmer, scholar, author, coach, and WOWSA Award winner has documented his training, nutrition, theories and strategies in The World’s Fittest Book in 2018, The Art of Resilience in 2020, and Blueprint, released this week.

Edgley describes his book, “Blueprint equips you with everything you need to build a bulletproof body for any athletic adventure. This originated after the Great British Swim where injury, muscle atrophy and squishy sea feet meant I essentially had to rebuild my body from the ground-up – so this is a year of training in one book.”


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