Chris Labianco Wins U.S. Masters 6K Championship

Chris Labianco Wins U.S. Masters 6K Championship

Chris Labianco won the U.S. Masters Swimming 6K Open Water National Championships in Windsor, Colorado. The two-time masters national champion won the four-loop race in in Lake Water Valley in 1:16.33 that followed up his third-place overall finish in the U.S. Masters Swimming 1-mile National Championship in North Carolina in May.

Good race today, little bit of everything on the course and some pretty strong Colorado winds that changed the race dynamics just about every lap of the four laps.”

“As the wind kicked up, parts of the course felt down right uphill. Personally, the race came at a good time for me fresh off attending the open water conference in Long Beach; the need to have multiple strategies in a race at any given time was important for me today as were a number of other lessons I learned

The longer he goes and the higher he swims, the more comfortable is the former distance star from Auburn University.

Results are here.

Photo by Rob Dumouchel of RobAquatics.

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