Christie Ciraulo, Noah Garrett Earn Southern California Titles

Christie Ciraulo, Noah Garrett Earn Southern California Titles

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Dan Wegner of Club Assistant compiles the season-long results from the Southern Pacific Masters Swimming (SPMS) Open Water Series. The SPMS announced its age-group winners of the 2015 SPMS Open Water Series.

The Series includes the 2.4-mile Salt Creek Rough Water Swim, the 1- and 3-mile Seal Beach Rough Water Swims, the Castaic Lake Open Water Swim, the 2-mile Balboa to Newport Pier-to-Pier, and the 1-mile Don Burns Open Water Swim, all held in Southern California.

The high-point winners were Christie Ciraulo with 132 points and Noah Garrett with 110 points.

25-29 Male: Jeffrey Bryant 66 points
30-34 Female: Laura Spears 50 points
30-34 Male: Loren Wright 34 points
35-39 Female: Alicia Bartley 60 points
35-39 Male: Noah Garrett 110 points, David Martindale 42 points, George Durzi 38 points
40-44 Female: Suzi Fitzpatrick and Tiffany McQueen 66 points, Shannon Cleary 52 points
40-44 Male: Craig Gutjahr 30 points
45-49 Female: Kara Clifford 66 points, Wendy Theders 50 points, Paige Kobayashi 46 points
45-49 Male: David Neilan 56 points, Dan Borton 38 points, Jack Alden 22 points
50-45 Female: Eileen Span 36 points
50-54 Male: Michael Lucas 50 points, Joe Irwin 38 points, Christopher Cosner 26 points
55-59 Female: Veronica Hibben 88 points, Cindy Cook 60 points, Janice Clark 48 points
55-59 Male: Bill Ireland 60 points, Chris Georges 42 points
60-64 Female: Christie Ciraulo 132 points
60-64 Male: Kris Cook 52 points, Greg Mortimer 48 points
65-69 Female: Katherine Watson 62 points
65-60 Male: Hubie Kerns 66 points
70-74 Male: Conrad Von Blankenburg 52 points
75-79 Male: Ronald Durkee 84 points

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